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Stylists Steal the Spotlight on Stylists Appreciation Day

Stylists Steal the Spotlight on Stylists Appreciation Day

Hair is not only as good as what we put in it - but the brains behind our products and the talent behind our styling. At RG, we see our stylists as innovators and artists. The heartbeat of the brand, these experts bring hair dreams to life. 

No surprise, given it all started with a stylist. Roberta Gomes leads a brand that nurtures and empowers hair professionals worldwide - making a difference in the lives of the stylee and the styler. 

In honor of Stylist Appreciation Day this April 25th, we heed the pros and get back to basics. Grab a notepad, we're asking the stylist.

Ask the Stylist

First, we went to the experts for an overlooked yet essential how-to: How to Wash Hair

Choose a shampoo ideal for your hair type. For dryer hair, opt for one with extra moisturizing power, like our Amazon Advanced essential, the Pracaxi Shampoo. For curly, go for one rich in fatty acids like the Pequi or nourishing oils like the Pataua for hair damage. Massage the shampoo into your scalp, then rinse, and repeat. Shampooing twice ensures optimal cleansing. 

When applying your conditioner or hair mask, avoid the scalp and rinse off all product residue, helping to steer roots clear from getting greasy and flat. 

Finally, contrary to popular belief (or preference), avoid hot water that strips the hair of natural oils, opting for cold or warm water instead. 

Ok, we’ve mastered the wash. How about the dry? According to our pros, knowing How to Blow Dry is vital, beginning with a quality protectant. Our Pataua Thermal Protectant is a staple, while the Keratin X-Press reduces frizz and ensures blow-dry longevity. (I’ll take both!)

Run a paddle brush through wet hair with your blow dryer in hand to give the hair some preliminary heat exposure. Once a little dry, section off the hair into different parts, depending on hair length. Working from root to end, use a medium round brush to wrap the hair gently while maneuvering the dryer on top and in front of the hair. Brush down and in, curling the ends for a healthy, sealed finish. Repeat on all sides, completing with our go-to Argan Oil at the ends to protect and snatch the look. 

Of course, what's the use of a proper wash and blow dry if the hair isn’t properly maintained? Our stylists take pride in being experts in How to Maintain Hair Health, starting at the scalp.

Treat the scalp with deep cleansing treatments and fuel the body right to keep the scalp strong. Read our post on the health-scalp connection for more tips.

Trim hair every two to three months to keep ends healthy and, as mentioned, stay protected from the heat at all costs. 

Only up from here, and our stylists agree. Praise to all the knowledge, care, and flair they impart. Honestly, who would we be without our stylists?



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