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The Microbiome and Healthy Hair Connection The Secret’s in the Scalp

The Microbiome and Healthy Hair Connection The Secret’s in the Scalp

All great things start from somewhere, including healthy hair. Let’s go beyond the strand and visit the root: what are healthy locks without a healthy scalp? And what is a healthy scalp without a healthy scalp microbiome? It is a science lesson you (and your hair) do not want to skip:

Like the rest of our body, our scalp is protected by this (not so) little thing we call our microbiome. Trend alert! There's a reason microbiome health has captured mainstream attention. Our microbiome is a community of microorganisms that help run our systems properly and protect us from harmful pathogens, making it essential for balanced health.

The scalp microbiome, no surprise, is a piece of this larger pie. When our scalp microbiome is off, so is our hair. Yikes! The good news is, treating our scalp microbiome is as easy as binge-watching our favorite show. (Caught...) 

Welcome to Scalp School 

Deep cleansing treatments are one way to help nurture a healthy scalp microbiome, ridding the scalp of nasty buildup and exfoliating it to ensure the absorption of supportive ingredients. We recommend peeling shampoos like the ones found in our Amazon Advanced collection, which uses Amazonian oil extracts and seeds to deep-cleanse and nourish the scalp. 

Mixing in our Balance Booster for scalp care can also promote a deep cleanse powerhouse. Using ingredients like Vitamin B3, B5, and B7 to complement its anti-bacterial, re-generating, and anti-inflammatory properties, this booster blends with Amazon Advanced shampoos to balance the scalp and strengthen the hair. 

You are what you eat

At least, your microbiome is. In addition to nourishing the scalp microbiome from the outside, it's vital to treat it from within. Diet and nutrition are crucial pieces to the puzzle, and ensuring you have enough nutrients like Vitamin D, iron, and zinc can do wonders for the scalp.

Lean into a scalp-healthy diet of leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables (hey broccoli), nuts, and organic meats to help promote a healthy microbiome and take breaks from high amounts of sugar that can exacerbate a microbiome imbalance. (But treat yo’self as needed)

The lesson? Maintaining a balanced microbiome for a healthy scalp is the essential building block for strong, healthy hair. A green juice toast to that.


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