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The Earth-Hair Connection

The Earth-Hair Connection

As an environmentally conscious brand, Earth is a tried and true bestie. So much of the inspiration behind RG Cosmetics is born from our planet, and when it comes to quality vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, Mother Earth is always in abundant supply.

This Earth Day, we honor its influence over our brand by diving deep into a collection inspired by its nature. We’re talking about Amazon Advanced. 

The Collection

Amazon Advanced, our mix-and-match collection suited for all hair types, was born from our pursuit of Earth’s finest resources in our homeland of Brazil. Our goal was to create a quality, clean line of products suited for every woman while honoring our roots and the best our planet has to offer. 

Of course, to have the best, we’d have to tap into Earth’s best: the Amazon Rainforest. 

Considered the “Lungs of Earth,” this natural treasure is home to 16,000 tree species and 80,000 plant species, making it the largest and most abundant tropical rainforest on the planet. 

We dove deep into the forest and returned with some of the most fortifying oil extracts: Maracujá, Pracaxi, Murumuru, and Patauá. Each became a line designed to strengthen and revive any hair type. (No woman left behind.)

The Ingredients 

Maracujá - Derived from rainforest passionfruit, Maracujá is a powerful antioxidant, antiseptic, and hydrating agent designed to tame oily roots. 

Praxaci - An oil rich in vitamins and fatty acids, Praxaci is perfect for quenching dry hair. 

Murumuru - An Amazonian fruit with immense hydrating power, its butter is extracted to nourish the scalp and hair with rich vitamins and minerals. 

Patauá - Native to the Amazon, the Patauá palm tree has rich oil and is a natural powerhouse. It stimulates growth and strengthens hair, making it a magic tool for the fine and fragile. 

The Mission

This collection honors our roots and planet while creating something next-level for hair. But more than that, it reminds us that the most incredible riches come from bountiful nature. More than ever, valuing our connection to the land while delivering the best in quality products is one of our proud mission statements. As with everything, we have Earth to thank for that. 


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