HairB… an innovative solution for hair beauty

RG Cosmetics™, a leading cosmetic company based in South Florida, was the first company to launch HairB…

RG Cosmetics HairB… is a formaldehyde-free product that utilizes its ultra-nourishing straightening technology for healthier, smoother and polished hair.

The RG Cosmetics HairB…  treatment lasts up to 10 weeks depending on hair and desired results.

The RG Cosmetics HairB… is a revolutionary hair treatment that restores protein while straightening, smoothing and nurturing hair.

Designed to provide women with beautiful and easy to manage hair, it uses its protein-rich formula to battle the over-processed chemicals that leave hair looking lifeless and dull.

Starting at the root and all the way to the ends, it straightens each hair strand with its ultra-nourishing technology that restores the damaged cortex and hair cuticles. The results: healthier, smoother, softer and polished hair for up to 10 weeks.

Learn more about RG Cosmetics HairB… here or call us today at 1-888-275-6555.


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